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Week Five : Auteur Theory

December 13th, 2010 by dcastillo100

Auteur is defined as a filmmaker whose movies are characterized by a filmmaker’s creative influence. A filmmaker treats his films like novels. But how does a director make his films unique that can be easily recognized and become familiar so that one would not have to question, “who directed that film?

One example of the auteur theory would be Tim Burton. His style in film is really dark and gothic. You can notice a trend of his work when you see somewhat of death colors, films such as, Beetle juice, Edward Scissorhands, to a more recent film, Sweeney Todd. Oddly enough, as of late Time Burton has actually used the same actors for his film. For two decades now he has worked with well-known actor Johnny Depp. To me Johnny Depp himself has become Tim’s auteur theory of his films. My expectation for Tim Burton films see’s Johnny Depp starring in it.

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