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Week 6: Giving The People What They Want

December 13th, 2010 by dcastillo100

Film has been around for over a hundred years. Could there have been over a hundred different story line ideas to different films. I would have to say no. We may have different genres for films, that clashes them, but within a same genre the story line can be quiet the same. Social conflict has become predictable in films in all genres. Air force one, you have a love story in an action film, where the first lady is captured by terrorist’s and the president plays the hero to save his loved one and then you have a comedy film, Me, Myself, and Irene, Jim carey plays a schizophrenic that tries to live his life, but cant because his alter ego takes over to ruin it and in the process of that story line, he meets a girl and falls in love, the sub-plot again being falling in love. Now these two films are general story plotted scripts with not that many affects, so how does film keep their audience entertained with the same story line? Today we have films that use a lot of special affects and me being a fan of special affects, that always keeps me entertained. New technology bring new creativity and it’s used it what captures my attention. Let’s take the movie, Avatar, for example, the main story plot consist of a marine soldier going to the Avatar world by becoming one of them to learn about their culture but then becomes aware that his general has intentions of killing the Avatar world. So while the main plot is in act, the marine soldier falls in love with an Avatar. Same plot different scenarios, but what captures and leaves behind its trade mark, for Avatar at least, is it’s CG affects. I know that whenever I think of Avatar I think of dreams. The scene where the marine soldier explores their world for the first time and all the leaves and trees are very well lit and “glowy” the colors just stand out because it’s lit and drawn in a surreal way, one would think this can only be in a fantasy dream. Every time Im at the movie theaters before they play the actual movie they have this small segment where they Avatar like scenario telling the audience that watching a movie is a form on imagination and they show us that putting affects on a movie theater and changing it into the Avatar world.

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